Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I feel ashamed

I feel ashamed when my countrymen trouble their fellow countrymen. I feel ashamed when my people try to hault their country's progress in the name of 'bandh'.

To oppose the rising prices, the whole of opposition united to fight against the United Progressive Alliance. The opposition that consists of parties with ideologies ranging from extremism, shallow secularism, communism, regionalism mixed up to form a cocktail that proved to be a an unbearable bitter concoct for the common man.

I feel sorry for myself and for all my fellow country-men that the ruling party is unable to control the rising prices and the opposition instead of properly opposing is further pricking the wounds of the terribly troubled population.

--sudharm baxi

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Memorable quotes

Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something deep inside them - a desire, a dream and a vision. They have to have the skill and the will, but the will must be stronger than the skill.
                                                                       --Md. Ali

Someone has so wonderfully stated that if you have the will to do something, half the task is already done. But the real trouble is there is no shop where one can buy this 'will'. One has to create it within oneself, one has to forego luxuries, every pleasantries, sleeps and all those things that give temporary pleasure instead of the permanent one. But, we humans are bad at analysing the fruits of hard and smart work. We, on the other hand, are more willing to enjoy the fruit cakes in front of our eyes.

We are not willing to go that extra mile in order to ensure much more luxuries..


I know nobody is interested in these trifle things..but still i would like to mention them here...

RAS notification 2010 out - I don't know how geared up am i to fight the battle?
Purchased an MTS data card for internet mobility.

Football fever

I am not an ardent football follower, but still like to read about the happenings in South Africa about the most followed sport on this planet. Looking forward to the match between Argentina and Germany - the two biggies are surely going to lock some horns and spill some blood...A big day in the sporting history..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh God, if tension could help!!

Oh God, if tension could help, I would have been the happiest person alive. A few months back, I used to lecture everyone (particularly the two important women in my life) on not taking tension whatever the circumstances are.

But now, I am digressing from my own saying. I used to say, if we can't do anything about a problem than what is the point in taking tension, and if we can, we must devise a detailed contingency plan. But, in both the cases we should not be tensed or stressed out.

But recently, I got terribly apprehensive, poked my nose in every negative happening at home, at workplace or for that matter anywhere and everywhere.

In a way, I became a spoilsport, who not only ruins others' parties but also squader his own. A person who gets so terribly drenched in pros and cons that he no more can swim and gets deeper and deeper in the pool of depression.

The pros and cons should be used as oars to sail the boat of decision-making, but I never use them that way. My fault entirely.

But now i am trying to change. Change the course of life, change the approach and bring in a lot of positivity from where ever i can.

God give me strength to achieve the same.

--sudharm baxi

Do more, act more ..think less

The other day at a showroom inaugration, I met an architect, a jolly guy with good command over both English and the local language Marwari, let me quote one of his beautiful lines - सोचो कम करो ज्यादा (think less, do more). How true? Isn't it?

At least, I have a very bad habit of thinking toooooo much. I analyse so much, I keep on calculating the pros and cons for an indefinite time, I am calling it indefinite coz it almost never ends. Recently, I was in a heavy conundrum of whether to join a job (that i did not like) or not. One moment i made up my mind that i m gonna do it; the other moment, no in no case; yet another moment, then what? so it keeps on going untill infinity. The confusion actually arose because of the option given to me. If there had been no option, I would have continued with what i had in hand but i received an option, got tempted and went to join a job that I had so terribly disliked and left 4 months back.

I worked there for 3 loooooooong days, and at the end of the third day, I said enough is enough. I can't take it anymore, I know I got to be more responsible, I know INDECISIVENESS screws like anything, but i could not help, I kept on going deeper and deeper into the conundrum and finally decided to resign just after three days :(

The reason for my trouble and the trouble i transferred to all my well-wishers was nothing else but a weak process of thinking, in fact a lot of thinking; I was in fact thinking of things that were of no point, somewhere down the lane I was indecisive too, but the real culprit was my imbalanced brain that kept on counting pros and cons of all the prospects I have, I might have or I could have.

Now i am back with a bang, handling my dad's business, looking out for something new to start with and above all focussing on my civil services preparation. In crux - Life is complex, work towards making it simpler..that's it.

--sudharm baxi

IPL debacle

Talks are going on for replacing Mahi with some other young gun. But would that be of any use? If players don't perform what can a captain do? You got to have a team like Australia's in order to experience the magnificent captaincy talent of a guy like Ponting or Waugh.

The Australian team is at the top of the small pyramid of a meagre 10 international cricket teams, for more than a decade now. They are consistent, they bounce back like no other team in the history of sport ever has (West Indies could never bounce back). They take up responsibilty, they face termination just on losing the final; we on the other hand feel happy that we were the runners-up. It is all approach and nothing else.

A big pot of blame for the poor performance in T20 WC hangs on the IPL and its (in)famous night-parties. In fact, our players need to take up dictionary and look for the meaning of the word party. We party to celebrate, but in IPL they party coz they are part of IPL.

Players get worn-out, they think more of the parties than the upcoming matches and we see results right in front of our eyes. And when our captain-perfect says-it was because of the IPL parties that the players could not perform well. He gets a thrashing from the veterans as well as the young guns, who all are by mistake on IPL payrolls.

Things have to be straightened out, as this is amongst the few sports where India stands SOMEWHERE. We need strategic changes at the governing bodies, we need people who take up responsibility and not pass on the bait at the time of failure. We need people who are actually willing to take the sport to greater heights and not just the hoopla associated with it.

That's the last ball to score the winning run for cricket as a whole.

--sudharm baxi

Monday, May 17, 2010

Give me Command

Oh God, I demand no riches, I demand no prosperity, If You are willing to give me something..give me COMMAND and not OPTIONS in life. Command me to walk that one path.

Whenever I am given options in life, trouble creep in, I get tripped, I get into the conundrum and get so terribly engaged in the pros and cons surrounding the maze of life, that i can't concentrate upon anything.

How much more do you wish to test me God?
How much more do you want me to be stronger?

Kill my indecisiveness and give me strength to be sure of whatever i do, take me to the toughest path and i shall walk on it with earnestness, but don't provide any other path...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The explosion

I saw a large explosion far at the zenith of a big hill or may be a mountain. Strangely though, there was no sound. Before I could tell others around me, there were a series of explosions at distant places towards my left. Everyone panicked and ran towards a series of rooms. Me and a friend of mine, don't know exactly who, occupied the first room. I was not in India for sure but where was I, probably America because just after one of the explosions I saw a big statue lying meekly on the ground holding the torch in its hand.

I closed the room from within, we could hear rhythmic steps of death at our door steps, we were thinking who could these people be? Chinese, Russians, Arabs...And then they were visible, hordes of them walking on the road with a clear mission of massacre of one and all. All of a sudden I had a scimitar in my hand, I don't know where it came from, but will I be able to fight the mighty army with just a fancy sword, instead I wanted a nuclear bomb to blow-off everything and become a martyr.

Outside the room I could hear the movement. They were out there to kill me, I was not thinking about my friend, in fact he was not in sight, where was he, he can't go anywhere from this small room except through that door where the killers awaited us.

But I was not afraid, there was not a trace of fear within me. All the while I was pretty sure that the Americans in retaliation would bomb them before they fire a single bullet on me. Americans!! Why? Was that America for sure?

They opened up the door, and all of a sudden I woke up; I was dreaming and had a terrible feeling about why I was not afraid in my dream. Is it that I realized in my dream that it was a dream. I was pretty much confident that nothing is going to happen to me. From where that foolish confidence crept in?

Was that normal? Do people tend to lose sanity when death is in front of them or they apply a simple logic that there is no point in being fearful of a death that was so certain.

I was still thinking and there was a thuderous knock on my door. Ohh they are here. They have chased my dream. But how is that possible? Or was that not a dream at all?

'Son, get ready soon we need to fix a lot of things before we leave for America.' a familiar voice, in fact much like my dad's declared.

--sudharm baxi

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hail Sachin !!

Yes yes i am the same guy who uttered profanities at the God of batting, reason being i felt he knew his batting well and cared only for his batting and never his team or nation. But he has changed i guess, now he is more of a team player and a team instigator than just a sole master blaster.

He has proven to be so much more confident and motivating, he is the torch bearer of the present Mumbai Indians squad.

He truly has proven all the critiques wrong (including me). I have always admired him as a batsman but now i admire him as a player, a team player.

Long live Sachin and long live cricket.

--sudharm baxi

Mahavir - pinnacle of spirituality

Mahavir - the man who left all the worldly pleasures to seek ‘the truth’, the man who never angered, was never jealous, was least interested in the luxuries of life, who ate to live and not to satiate his palate, who lived to spread happiness and not collect wealth, who never preached but always taught, who taught to make people aware and not boast his own knowledge, who never argued but always discussed, who sought truth and got enlightenment, who smiled in his personal pains and empathised with others in theirs, who never wanted revenge but believed in the power of forgiveness.

The man who relinquished the last cloth on his body, just because it got stuck in a rose plant and if he had tried to get it back, a few branches of the plant could have been damaged. So, he left it there and never wore anything else after that.

Mahavir was the epitome of non-violence, an idealistic human being to be followed and cherished. He was a lover, a lover of honesty, nature, kindness and the entire human race. He never discriminated on the basis of caste, colour, creed or gender.

On this birthday of Mahavir Swami, let us take the oath of being truthful and loyal to our partner, be patriotic, take every possible care of our parents, being honest with our customers, love everyone, hate no one, be happy and spread happiness.

He is the answer to most of the global problems; in the present times, if we adopt his teachings even to an extent as small as 20%, all our troubles, hatred and disliking for each other would vanish. This world would become a paradise. His simple living, his ‘live and let live’ style of life is the real solution to all the troubles between nations, creeds and castes.

But the only trouble is, if only a few people follow him and walk on his footsteps, they will suffer because generations like to follow Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Saddam and never Mahavir or Buddha. They like violence, they believe in the power of hatred, they prefer ‘an eye for an eye’ over forgiveness. Walking the path of violence and hatred is much easier than following the travails of Mahavir and practicing non-violence. We sincerely need guides like him, those who are willing to brighten our thoughts and help us in reviving the whole panorama.

His philosophy should act as the colour in our life’s sketch. His ideologies should be the ultimate lesson in selflessness and happy living. Driven by this selfless act, we can be kind and helpful not only to our brothers and sisters, but to the whole mankind. And that is something that can bring peace and harmony in the whole world.

--Sudharm Baxi

P.S. - The hindi translation of this article appeared in Dainik Bhaskar on 28th of March, Jodhpur(Rajasthan).

Friday, March 26, 2010

What's happening to me?

Sincerely, I don't know what is happening to me. I have been having various thoughts simultaneously at a time. One moment, I wish to get back into IT, another moment I wish to start something new, yet another moment I wish to join my Dad in his business, and so many other things in the remaining moments.

Life is confused and entangled like a wire maze, it now succumbs me from time to time. If i only think of myself then there is no trouble, but whenever others come into picture then the trouble creeps in, then i start thinking for them.

God show me the path, give me the way, at least light the torch.....I shall walk on that path till my legs ache and my eyes get sore...but please please show me the path.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Man - the worst animal

Just 1411 left.
I was shocked to read this in today's Hindustan Times in context of the tigers left in India. How mean, cruel and wicked we humans are? We are ripping off the entire planet at a pace that is non-traceable. We are killing the animals faster than we breathe. We are ruining everything around us.

The poor animals can't help themselves; if the situation continues, in a decade or so, tigers could only be seen in photographs.
Please spare them, let them live; they are the most crucial link to the ecological balance; don't disturb the mother earth, or else the mother won't even give a warning...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am Back

After all the happenings, i am back on the blogosphere..

I won't say i'll be writing more frequently from now on because whenever i say such a thing i am unable to stick to it. So, i am just going to write.
Write write and write....

Initially to get back on track, to get the flow and then improvising upon the content.