Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Do more, act more ..think less

The other day at a showroom inaugration, I met an architect, a jolly guy with good command over both English and the local language Marwari, let me quote one of his beautiful lines - सोचो कम करो ज्यादा (think less, do more). How true? Isn't it?

At least, I have a very bad habit of thinking toooooo much. I analyse so much, I keep on calculating the pros and cons for an indefinite time, I am calling it indefinite coz it almost never ends. Recently, I was in a heavy conundrum of whether to join a job (that i did not like) or not. One moment i made up my mind that i m gonna do it; the other moment, no in no case; yet another moment, then what? so it keeps on going untill infinity. The confusion actually arose because of the option given to me. If there had been no option, I would have continued with what i had in hand but i received an option, got tempted and went to join a job that I had so terribly disliked and left 4 months back.

I worked there for 3 loooooooong days, and at the end of the third day, I said enough is enough. I can't take it anymore, I know I got to be more responsible, I know INDECISIVENESS screws like anything, but i could not help, I kept on going deeper and deeper into the conundrum and finally decided to resign just after three days :(

The reason for my trouble and the trouble i transferred to all my well-wishers was nothing else but a weak process of thinking, in fact a lot of thinking; I was in fact thinking of things that were of no point, somewhere down the lane I was indecisive too, but the real culprit was my imbalanced brain that kept on counting pros and cons of all the prospects I have, I might have or I could have.

Now i am back with a bang, handling my dad's business, looking out for something new to start with and above all focussing on my civil services preparation. In crux - Life is complex, work towards making it simpler..that's it.

--sudharm baxi

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  1. As you said life is really complex.. none of us knows wats next?
    You got to accept whatever comes in..and try to use that in positive sense...who knows u'll be next Mukesh Ambani..continuing your dad's business..!

    Think Positive.. be happy all d times..
    dats what I learn living away from my home :(


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