Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hail Sachin !!

Yes yes i am the same guy who uttered profanities at the God of batting, reason being i felt he knew his batting well and cared only for his batting and never his team or nation. But he has changed i guess, now he is more of a team player and a team instigator than just a sole master blaster.

He has proven to be so much more confident and motivating, he is the torch bearer of the present Mumbai Indians squad.

He truly has proven all the critiques wrong (including me). I have always admired him as a batsman but now i admire him as a player, a team player.

Long live Sachin and long live cricket.

--sudharm baxi

Mahavir - pinnacle of spirituality

Mahavir - the man who left all the worldly pleasures to seek ‘the truth’, the man who never angered, was never jealous, was least interested in the luxuries of life, who ate to live and not to satiate his palate, who lived to spread happiness and not collect wealth, who never preached but always taught, who taught to make people aware and not boast his own knowledge, who never argued but always discussed, who sought truth and got enlightenment, who smiled in his personal pains and empathised with others in theirs, who never wanted revenge but believed in the power of forgiveness.

The man who relinquished the last cloth on his body, just because it got stuck in a rose plant and if he had tried to get it back, a few branches of the plant could have been damaged. So, he left it there and never wore anything else after that.

Mahavir was the epitome of non-violence, an idealistic human being to be followed and cherished. He was a lover, a lover of honesty, nature, kindness and the entire human race. He never discriminated on the basis of caste, colour, creed or gender.

On this birthday of Mahavir Swami, let us take the oath of being truthful and loyal to our partner, be patriotic, take every possible care of our parents, being honest with our customers, love everyone, hate no one, be happy and spread happiness.

He is the answer to most of the global problems; in the present times, if we adopt his teachings even to an extent as small as 20%, all our troubles, hatred and disliking for each other would vanish. This world would become a paradise. His simple living, his ‘live and let live’ style of life is the real solution to all the troubles between nations, creeds and castes.

But the only trouble is, if only a few people follow him and walk on his footsteps, they will suffer because generations like to follow Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Saddam and never Mahavir or Buddha. They like violence, they believe in the power of hatred, they prefer ‘an eye for an eye’ over forgiveness. Walking the path of violence and hatred is much easier than following the travails of Mahavir and practicing non-violence. We sincerely need guides like him, those who are willing to brighten our thoughts and help us in reviving the whole panorama.

His philosophy should act as the colour in our life’s sketch. His ideologies should be the ultimate lesson in selflessness and happy living. Driven by this selfless act, we can be kind and helpful not only to our brothers and sisters, but to the whole mankind. And that is something that can bring peace and harmony in the whole world.

--Sudharm Baxi

P.S. - The hindi translation of this article appeared in Dainik Bhaskar on 28th of March, Jodhpur(Rajasthan).

Friday, March 26, 2010

What's happening to me?

Sincerely, I don't know what is happening to me. I have been having various thoughts simultaneously at a time. One moment, I wish to get back into IT, another moment I wish to start something new, yet another moment I wish to join my Dad in his business, and so many other things in the remaining moments.

Life is confused and entangled like a wire maze, it now succumbs me from time to time. If i only think of myself then there is no trouble, but whenever others come into picture then the trouble creeps in, then i start thinking for them.

God show me the path, give me the way, at least light the torch.....I shall walk on that path till my legs ache and my eyes get sore...but please please show me the path.