Thursday, July 31, 2008

games indians play

Why we are the way we are?

Recently read 'games indians play'. Came across this book in my company library and picked it up.. and more or less liked it. Read such content from an Indian author for the first time , but not to forget Mr. Raghunathan is an IIM professor. This is like in the league of The Blink, Tipping point, Freakonomics etc.. But moreover i would have liked it more had it been more India specific.But still liked the wittiness of Mr. V. The game theory, different dilemma problems and alike stuff remind one of the fact that here is a guy from IIM, who believes in Experimentation. Devises theories only based on practical implementations and researches.

So, give it a go..
Give it a quick read and u wud love it..
If it can make u think over even a couple of things India has to face knowingly or unknowingly bcoz of us (i sincerely mean u and me..) than the book solves its purpose...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Book Reading

A man's jewellery-one of my professors used to say so. And certainly why not? What is the purpose of jewellery, the real purpose if you try to dig in comes out to be-- In the old days people used to put their money into jewellery so that in ill times, this could act as a LIFE saver.
And so, books fit pretty well into this definition.
But i have never liked my academic books . That is probably why i am in the IT industry at the moment and doing myriad of mundane stuff. But i wont get into how-bad-IT-is right now.
So, i developed a good reading habit while i was preparing for my mba entrance (as mentioned i m into IT rite now and so not doing MBA but may be in near future).
I read a variety of stuff ranging

from philosophies and ideologies of Ayn Rand to drama and suspense of Sidney Sheldon/ Agatha Christie..
from scientific fiction of Dan Brown to life realities by Kahlil Gibran..
from complex Mein Kampf to simple-yet-beatiful Jonathan Livingston Seagull...
from life inspiring lessons of Robin Sharma/Paulo Coelho/Lance Armstrong to i-hate-life kinds..
from strategic beauties like the goal, the blink, the tipping point, freakonomics, you can win,power/future shock types to over hyped literature of Chetan Bhagat (i hate to use the word literature for this guy--I have always felt my dad writes better diaries than what he does in his so-made bestsellers)...
from beautiful character depiction by Mario Puzo to ideas-are-bigger-than-man writings of OSHO...

So, i recommend all you guys to READ. Read till u can and then read some more...
It wud change your life and there are benefits of outsmarting anyone at any instance whenever u want. But only if u are a voracious reader...

More from me if even one person on this planet likes this article....