Wednesday, September 30, 2009


'Life hasn't turned out quite the way i wanted to be' - these words from Nickelback's Rockstar echoes with almost every grumbling soul on this planet. Calling all those souls grumbling would be harsh, since they had dreams that went off-track and hence they are crying and singing about

Why me?
Why my dreams?

It has been ages since i have written anything here, my irresponsibility can be attributed for the same.

Life has taken multiple turns in these few months for me. Turns can be for good or bad of the being, but since they are turns, they certainly disturb the smooth ride one is having on the autobahn called life. This autobahn has resting places, motels, bars and of course toll-booths. All the luxuries are there on this expressway but not a single house, because it doesn't allow to stay at a place for long. It tells you to move on, it prompts you to continue the journey after a beer or a few hours' sleep.

You can't sit and become stale because everything around you is moving: nature, life and every drop of the river that leaves the regions of prideful mountains just to become the part of the universe called ocean.

And let me tell you, I am willing to move on. I hate to sit, i hate to walk leisurely, i am a runner for life, i am a fighter and i am going to enjoy every damn turn, every damn speed-breaker that may or may not come my way...

More soon...

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