Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hail Sachin !!

Yes yes i am the same guy who uttered profanities at the God of batting, reason being i felt he knew his batting well and cared only for his batting and never his team or nation. But he has changed i guess, now he is more of a team player and a team instigator than just a sole master blaster.

He has proven to be so much more confident and motivating, he is the torch bearer of the present Mumbai Indians squad.

He truly has proven all the critiques wrong (including me). I have always admired him as a batsman but now i admire him as a player, a team player.

Long live Sachin and long live cricket.

--sudharm baxi

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  1. I should have posted that link here...nyway now u agree on this..i needn't to do that :P :)


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