Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh God, if tension could help!!

Oh God, if tension could help, I would have been the happiest person alive. A few months back, I used to lecture everyone (particularly the two important women in my life) on not taking tension whatever the circumstances are.

But now, I am digressing from my own saying. I used to say, if we can't do anything about a problem than what is the point in taking tension, and if we can, we must devise a detailed contingency plan. But, in both the cases we should not be tensed or stressed out.

But recently, I got terribly apprehensive, poked my nose in every negative happening at home, at workplace or for that matter anywhere and everywhere.

In a way, I became a spoilsport, who not only ruins others' parties but also squader his own. A person who gets so terribly drenched in pros and cons that he no more can swim and gets deeper and deeper in the pool of depression.

The pros and cons should be used as oars to sail the boat of decision-making, but I never use them that way. My fault entirely.

But now i am trying to change. Change the course of life, change the approach and bring in a lot of positivity from where ever i can.

God give me strength to achieve the same.

--sudharm baxi

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  1. Read this one today... hopefully u r dng good now :)


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