Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I feel ashamed

I feel ashamed when my countrymen trouble their fellow countrymen. I feel ashamed when my people try to hault their country's progress in the name of 'bandh'.

To oppose the rising prices, the whole of opposition united to fight against the United Progressive Alliance. The opposition that consists of parties with ideologies ranging from extremism, shallow secularism, communism, regionalism mixed up to form a cocktail that proved to be a an unbearable bitter concoct for the common man.

I feel sorry for myself and for all my fellow country-men that the ruling party is unable to control the rising prices and the opposition instead of properly opposing is further pricking the wounds of the terribly troubled population.

--sudharm baxi

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  1. Very true buddy, i was too against the sky rocketing inflation but was never in favour of Bandh. Faced d music in mumbai on the same day, went to office for work(demerits of working with a US guys...thts another story...) and faced shiv sainiks one on one, even an anti national reamark. No common man was involved in it,only our great politician's shit game and i am still waiting for our great Indian BANDH to show some effect.



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