Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wake up Raj!!

Hello Mr. Thackeray,

How are you? I have been thinking of penning a few lines in favor of you but something always stopped me from doing so, what it was I am not sure, but there was something. But now, I have woken up and with profound pleasure decided to write this letter.

There are a few people on this planet who have the personality, the aura of a leader. In a way, they are born leaders. God has made them that way. And with a little grooming they become solid mass-pullers. You are certainly one of them. People listen to you, people adore you, people follow you. Undoubtedly everyone would agree that you are the next Thackeray (no offenses Bal Thackeray Jr, I mean Uddhav).

You are pretty much sure of your ideologies, but I am not sure whether you are sure of your motto or not? I mean do you really want all the non-Maharashtrians to be thrown out? If that is the case, okay. You have your point and I completely agree with it. There should be overall development and prosperity across the country and not just here in Maharashtra. Why not create a couple of more Bombays....err Mumbai (will come to that in a while)?

But sincerely speaking I have a gut feeling that a man like you should be doing much more than what you actually are doing right now. I agree that Maratha is your gadh but emperors don’t have a single castle, they also have a lot of palaces and forts. So why don’t you go for a bigger cause. Go for something that would aid in the development of the nation.

Sorry to say, but the work you and your people do; not exactly lead to anything apart from disturbances and of course some media attention, Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Vir Sanghvi and all the other honchos get to do an episode or write an editorial on that, but that’s all. And I sincerely feel that’s not your worth for sure.

If there is some genuine face-reader somewhere, please please consult him and I tell you from the depth of my mind he’ll suggest the same - Go for something big and not just involve yourself in the local politics, it is the right time for you, and this nation needs your energy, your enthusiasm and your leadership.

I also know that if you move out of Maharashtra, you surely are going to lose grip on the Maha-politics, but even if you stay here, the rewards, the results are not that enormous; they are petty when compared to your skills.

About Bombay, I have just been living here for last two odd years and what I fell in love with was Bombay and never Mumbai, because I always felt that Mumbai was for the Maharashtrians and Bombay is for the rest of the Cosmo population. I might call my mother-ma, mummy, momma or whatever, but for others she will always be auntie and that’s what Bombay for us was and is.

In a way you have made it that way for us. You made us feel that. I completely agree with you on that too, why should I call your home mine, why should I ask for food from your mother. But the thing is she is also my auntie and she loves me, not as much as you, but at least to some extent. So she lets me lead a tough yet fulfilling life. A child always has a feeling that his/her mother might start loving other kids as much as she loves him/her. So is it this thing that worries you?

About Wake up Sid, I am not sure why was that necessary? Is it a crime to do so? Are you the moral police? If yes there are dirtier things happening in the streets of Bombay, your men can clean those up, instead of wasting their energies in such a petty thing. It was just a movie nothing else, nothing more. What say Raj? The complete episode to me was incomprehensible. Just like in the flood times, I am more worried about the brand of the blanket provided to me than whether some food, some aid would be provided at all or not.

So, these were just suggestions from a person who himself is going through a lot of turmoil in his life. I too wish to do whatever I can for my nation; I too wish to serve my nation and be its loyal child and hence suggest a few things to a few people who are in my eyes are - the CHOSEN ONES!!

With positive vibes,



  1. Ummm,mixed feelings here bro.
    Raj Thackery-A name I have despised more than I have loved.Well,in this case I don't even actually believe that he is a chosen one,coz anyone born at his place would be doing the same.
    All initially bowing down and then the lust of power takes them over.
    All asking for the same useless yardstick rule rights which in no sense can be considered as rights.How can one agree to cynical killings and pillage of other people's assets only because they don't speak hindi!!
    May it be Narendra Modi,Thackreys or the endless list of religious orthodoxian winged janta.
    None of them are worthy enough to even think to rule,forget to rule even the so called roost.
    People like him hold no future for us at all.
    If the country wants anything it is secularism and not a ruler who is contended for people saying Jai Maharashtra and Mumbai.
    I am sorry to eat up so much of your space but am happy for one thing.
    Now,its not mixed feelings anymore.
    I know where my head and heart are and it certainly is not with this man atleast.

    And ya,this blog is wonderful.
    And mark my words,it would grow by leaps and bounds.I too yearned to have a space to drain my intellectual conflicts.
    May the sea subside or rather start brewing afresh.
    Am all ears:)


  2. @Harsha,

    My whole point in this post was - the guy is wasting his energy in petty things. See every one stands by some ideology, some thought and some faith (there are a few who don't stand by anything and the world has nothing to do with their herd).

    So what i felt for Mr. Thackeray ever since I have known him is that he is a man of immense potential, a man who is wasting his potential in an ideology that is not going to bring anything for Maharashtra too leave India.

    He might be a fascist, but don't we need a few up there too, if there are no fascists, to whom will the secularists make there point? This is not America where the two major parties are based upon how to handle money and nothing else. All they (democrats and republics) differ on is how much to tax the poor/rich, how much to invest in free food, free housing and alike stuff. They both have same views when it comes to Iran, Iraq, Israel, India, Pakistan, Cuba and all the other nations.

    So my urge to Raj was leave the petty things, bring out newer dimensions to the Indian Politics as a whole.

    About N. Modi, I have a lot to say, probably in some future post.
    Thanks for writing, always good to hear from you.



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