Friday, October 2, 2009

Vikram Hazra

Went to see Vikram Hazra’s concert cum satsang at Fine Arts Society, Chembur. Seeing him perform was such a delightful sight, his energy, charisma and the way he took everyone along with him on the spiritual journey is simply mind-boggling.

A devoted pupil of Sri Sri Ravi Shanker, he has been spreading the love and message of his guru for many years now. I have not heard or read of Sri Sri much, but one thing I remember watching on TV, when one of the reporters asked him about his never fading smile and the love and jolliness he carries? He replied – “I refuse to grow up” with the same childlike smile, so pure, so serene, that you can’t help but fall in love with the mojo of the Guru.

Vikram Bhaiya, as he is famously called, sang bhajans of many deities including Shiva, Krishna and Durga. In his mellifluous voice, it appeared as if even the songs were enjoying themselves. We were all singing along with him with the same fervour and same energy.

How time passed not a single soul in the auditorium realized. When he was singing ‘Radha raman hari bol’, people started leaving and I soon realized it was his last song for the evening, but he had not sung ‘Achutam Keshavam’, his most loved bhajan, yet.

As soon as he finished, put his guitar aside and bowed to say goodbye, I stood up from the farthest corner of the auditorium and shouted, “Vikram Bhaiya, Achutam Keshavam”, he was humbly adamant of not singing it and said now even the guitar has fallen asleep. I replied no guitar needed, just you sing. Soon there were pleas from all the corners, “please”, “please”,” one last song.”

So he picked up the guitar and hence came the most mesmerizing of all the performances of the evening. Everyone was spellbound , singing and enjoying , reaching the seventh heaven on that spiritual extravaganza.

It was one of the most memorable evenings I have ever had. Thanks Vikram!! Thanks Sri Sri!!

Catch a glimpse of Vikram's jamming.


  1. Man,you have got real varied tastes.
    Cool of you to ask for Achutam Keshavam.
    People generally don't have the guts to say so and that too in a jam packed hall.
    I have never heard any of this stuff but you have invoked an interest of the same in me.i would check these soon.
    Getting chances to see such varied forms of art would surely have been a toast in itself.
    Njoi buddy.


  2. Certainly Harsha, it was such a serene experience, so much rejoicing. I sincerely tell you to go for it would love apart the calmness, the love, the joy is so very profound....

  3. Well said baxiii....i was also one of the lucky ones who got d oppurtunity to attend that concert......
    Have never been to such a satsang cum concert.....
    We entered at 7 and remember i told u its 9.15 now...were completely engrossed in the ambience n didnt realize how time passed away........
    And then came the best part of evening - Achutam Keshvam..........Truly Rocking........
    Well thanks to u for actually demanding 4 that........
    Hoping to attend similar concerts wid u in future as well........

  4. @ankit,
    It was indeed engrossing and surely we are gonna go was a great company..


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