Monday, October 26, 2009

I am a writer..

The other day, i was thinking about writing, yes, instead of writing i was thinking. Absurd, no? I am a writer and i love to write and yet i write so less, why? No answer.

Time doesn't permit. How much time is required in shooting off a few well-organized words on the web? A few minutes. Then what must be the possible explanation for a writer who loves writing, yet doesn't write much. No answer again.

But not anymore. From now on, i am taking a resolution to write; write till my eyes go soar, write till my fingers ache, write till my thoughts exhaust and then write some more.

The things i would write might amuse you, entertain you, enlighten you or God forbid bore you. But those few words on a daily basis, are surely going to help me out in exploring various facets of my writing and also widen my scope of writing.

But, why am i writing this thing here? So that someone out there give me a tight slap whenever i get lethargic, whenever i procrastinate.

So God, give me power and creativity to pen the words in my mind and the feelings in my heart. On this positive note, ending the post...
--sudharm baxi

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