Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My resolution..

I took a resolution a couple of days back and missed it on the very first day. Damn it.

No worries. This is how life is, FLEXIBLE. You plan something, something altogether different happen to you and then you find books, theories and philosophies claiming what you think is what you get; what you visualize gets materialized and similar SECRETs.

But i only follow one simple rule... Never to worry. Always keep your worries aside, give your best shot, whatever you get in return, is what is best for you. Always be honest to yourself, never let your spirit go on a shopping spree to find out the easier ways, the less troubling ones.

Instead, create your own ways; devise your own paths and you won't even realize when those paths become roads for others to follow in your footsteps, not just to admire and cherish you as a pathbreaker but more importantly as a pathmaker.

Live this life to the fullest, never have remorses, never regret decisions; instead always learn from the decisions that somehow went wrong. Those decisions might have crumpled you entirely but what will you gain in worrying now? Nothing. In fact, more worries. Your ruined past is ruining your present and hence your future. Come out of this cycle, break the chain.

So, go out and shop for a few seeds that will conceive fruits for the life ahead. With a positive mind, toil the land, sow those seeds, water them, take care of them and hence, experience the enlightening growth.

More soon..
--sudharm baxi

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