Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do it now..

Come out of the procrastinating you.

The procrastinating armour certainly protects you from the labour, the pains and the bitter realities of life. But it also bars you from the fruits of timely work, from the fruits of getting a few steps ahead of the world and most importantly from living your life to the fullest. The world is asleep, so why not you go out, turn on a few street lights and start the race; be that facilitator, be that protagonist and hit the road.

Don't wait for things to happen, take the burden of actually making them happen. This habit has to be shed; just like those leaves that are to be shed to welcome the arrival of the newer ones. This is life, welcoming the new and hence welcoming the changes attached.

In the journey called life, if everything goes by without any speedbreakers, haults, fuel getting exhausted; then what's the fun. Magnify your dreams by applying this added lens, called change. Then see the effect, the dream would be much clearer, much better visible and hence much more comprehensible.

Procrastinate the procrastination for some future time in life and never let that time come by. Gear up, gird up your loins and go for the kill; be it finishing some assignment, studying for some exam, bringing back some relationship on track, conquering the world or even climbing the Everest. Go for it!!
Go for it now...

More soon..
--sudharm baxi

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