Monday, November 10, 2008

Everything you desire

IIM guys are writing more and more books. But let me tell you the bitter truth - they are not good at it. Their books look like a diary. And that too not very well written.

'Everything You desire' is yet another attempt to join this brigade, written by an IIMB alumnus - Harshdeep Jolly like a memo. If you were given a task of compiling all the events of your college life in 250 pages - you would end up writing something like this.

Though, this was known to me prior to picking up the book. But life at IIM fascinates me and who would like to miss it only because of not so good English or no deep thoughts. Any one calling it a bad book - would be harsh enough to neglect the beauty of IIM life. But i have read much better blogs by IIM guys then this book as a whole.

But also, one must keep in mind that writing a novel is much tougher than writing a tiny article. One can experiment with his article but when it comes to a novel, a small experiment would ruin the essence, the setting, the portrayal and above all the overall charm of the novel.

You might have guessed by now that how confused i am with regards to this novel. I can't say if i can recommend this or a complete NO NO.
Go 4 it if IIM fascinates you.

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