Thursday, December 11, 2008

Freedom at midnight

Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins can be considered amongst the best historians this world has ever seen. They research so thoroughly about a part of history that while reading , you can almost see yourself standing in the midst of the incident, you can actually feel the trauma, the tragedy of those times.

'Freedom at Midnight' is one such piece. It is not only beautiful and exceptionally venerable but also highly informative. It is written in the real times with real dialogues, experiences, tragedies, and whatnot. So much of research, so much of pain taken to create this masterpiece that you almost visualise the real times.

Apart from describing independence and partition with great details, the authors have laid a very good attempt at throwing light on some of the major figures who were critically important in that panorama -- Gandhi, Mountbatten, Nehru, Jinnah, Extremists (Savarkar, Godse) to name a few.

Authors have tried to collect the feelings of kings, freedom fighters; politicians, bureaucrats (both English and Indian) and the common man. The narrative describing the plight of partition is really heartening. At times, various elaborations appear exaggerated, but there is no proof that no such thing happened.

A must read for all those who wish to get the idea of the times of partition through various eyes.

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  1. Fine review. Freedom at midnight is one of the best books to read and understand what exactly happened behind the closed doors of power, when India got her Independence.


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