Friday, November 7, 2008

Go Kiss the World

If you have never heard of Subroto Bagchi, you have certainly missed very big life lessons. He is the founder of Mind Tree and likes to be called as GARDENER of MINDTREE. He belonged to a modest Bengali family with very high moral values. In his book 'Go Kiss the World', he has mentioned how he coped up with various problem at various stages of life.

He was elected as the best NCC cadet, and was fecilitated by the President. It would have been very easy for him to enter the military or the civil services (yes i said easy pertaining to his vast knowledge and upbringing).

He is the kind of guy whom you look up to. The way he was brought up. The way he found his own ways, took crucial decisions in major and minor dilemmas of life. The way he adjusted himself with life. The way he grasped leadership traits from his peers (Ashok Soota, Azim Premji and others).

And biggest of all his technique of finding out something positive from an utterly negative situation. Being in Wipro, how he tried every possible business tactic to establish it in on the Global platform (more precisely USA).

I really admire Bagchi for his skill set. He had never been an IT guy but still is amongst the best known faces of IT in India. A very good writer. An equally good orator. His speech 'Go Kiss the World' at IIM B made young turks every where realise his mettle.

I sincerely feel this book is a must read for all who wish to know what it takes to be big. If you would like to get a hint of his immensely beautiful writings, visit--

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