Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting into it..

Dear reader/admirer/critique/passer-by,

Apologies for the name, it may sound egoistic but in actuality it is not; just to keep the things in sync with my other blogs, i chose this name 'baximanages' (after 'baxiwrites' and 'baxireads'), so please don't criticize me of being an EGOIST.

This blog would solely be revolving around all my understandings, interpretations and derivations of all i see around. Lessons taught by life, humans, books, aberrations, scarcities, discrepancies and ofcourse gurus (esp.Osho) would be discussed here. I would like to discuss:

  • Management theories: My take on some famous theory or one of my own.
  • Management/Economic terms: I always longed for such a blog and could not find one.
  • People’s behaviors: Every individual has a distinct behavior, but still some pattern can be traced.
  • Latest international happenings: In the times of these crises, anyone would love to do that.
  • All my new reads, learnings and understandings.

I would update this list as I diversify my writings. All the articles you read on this blog are entirely my own creations unless otherwise stated. I get my thoughts moulded into words on this blog only because my writings adore the fact that different eyes are reading it.

And recently, i learnt that if an artist writes/paints/dances or does anything in order to get accolades or recognition; he is doing nothing but feeding his ego hunger, he is nurturing the ego within. And no artist can create good pieces while thinking of the bigger self.

In fact, a true artist should just perform, give his best shot, improve upon previous works and appreciate feedback from a layman to a connoisseur, from critique to fans, from haters to lovers; then eventually a time would come that he would start creating something that is flawless, that is of the order of Mozart's symphonies, Shakespeare’s plays, Van Gogh's paintings, Osho's self-discoveries and all the other divine stuff.

I leave you with the promise that I would do my best to create genuine stuff that would not only be informative but also thought-provoking.

Thanks for dropping by, i will never let you regret.
sudharm baxi

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