Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bitching about!!

Homo sapiens have an unbound affinity towards bitching, be it their bosses, their company or for that matter anyone or anything at all, they have an unflinching tendency to bitch around.

A major attribute deciding the sociality of a social being is his ability to bitch. The better he can bitch, the more chances he has of getting accepted in a new bunch of guys. There are bitchers all around. But mind you, if you are a hardcore bitcher, you would have no friends on this planet, because even a real bitcher hates another.

And any sane person would think if this guy foul mouths everyone, he would surely do the same for me too in my absence, and he is certainly right. So, the bitcher has no friends but a whole lot of people for passing time, for talking about things that would create no difference except strengthening his image of a true die-hard BITCHER.

In these times of recession, this habit has aggravated. Many a times, while having a coffee or just chit chatting, i end up debating with someone or the other about my boss, my company, my country and many other things, because i can't listen to people who foul mouth(an understatement for bitching) something that doesn't deserve to be.

In fact, nothing deserves to be foulmouthed, why should we talk bad about anyone at all in his absence? I know it is tough to praise someone, to appreciate someone's efforts, and it takes a lot to be a real genuine praiser (I doubt if this word even exists).

If praise can't come that easily out of your mouth, try to keep your mouth shut. It is better to stay hungry than eating shit. But one would argue for how long you can stay hungry, that limit won't be touched upon, because still there are people with half-filled glass ideology who love to pick positive, who don't really foul mouth anyone, no matter to what extent they hate them.

  • Disagreement is fully accepted, but bad mouthing those disagreements and that too not in front of those whom you disagree with, is a grave crime.
  • Life is short, not enough time for good things and still you waste it in talking shit.
  • Bad mouthing never helps anyone, it may start up a conversation, create a couple of laughs but in the long run it is unethical and surely harms the one doing it.
  • Bad mouthing never allows loyalty, accountability to thrive; you can never be loyal to your company if you foul mouth it every now and then.
  • 'Bitching' knows how to entrap the person employing it, the person never gets to know when it becomes a habit. And after that, all he does is - Bitch this bitch that, Foul mouth him foul mouth her, bad mouth country bad mouth company and nothing else.

And to be on the safer side-don't talk about people; instead talk about ideas, thoughts, processes, etc. More on this in some future post. Thanks for reading.

--sudharm baxi

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