Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goodbye - salutations

It is always tough to part from your loved ones. Hence, the English language takes care of it through so many adopted words, phrases and idioms from various languages.

Some of the most appealing and widely used ones are briefed here, all of them suggest a meaning very close to goodbye:
  • Ciao - Italian (pronounced Chao).
  • Hasta la vista - Spanish (meaning: until next time) (remember Terminator 2).
  • Sayonara - Chinese.
  • Adieu - French.
  • Adios - Spanish.
  • Au revoir - French.
  • auf wiedersehen - German.
  • ta-ta - British (informal).
  • Do svidaniya - Russian.

And the regular ones - See you later/soon/tomorrow(cya), goodbye, take care, b-bye etc. (Origin of Goodbye - God be with you).

OK so bye for now!! More coming up soon, keep crawling (a term used by Google to look for your search items in the web pages worldwide).


  1. Ciao was always my favorite. But now that I read your list, I like the way Sayonara sounds. More poetic for some reason.

    Au revoir:)

  2. You say goodbye, and I say hello. I know you're too young to remember Woodstock, but I couldn't help but think of it when I saw "Colour My World" on Every Photo, and I wrote a neat little bit on it. Drop by and see me


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