Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Tunnel of Time

First things first. I did not know till reading the autobiography of RK Laxman that-RK LAXMAN and RK NARAYAN are brothers.
Narayan being much elder than Laxman had always been a protective and nurturing shield.
The quintessence of the tunnel, in my view is Much early in their lives they realized what their passion was. And never ever deviated from their passion.
For instance, Laxman started sketching very early in his life.
Narayan was writing fables about his daily incidents.
And what a family to talk about. Majority of his autobiography talks about his childhood and why not..
Laxman was a man who knew what he was good at. And always stuck to his plan of becoming a political cartoonist-a field so scarcely employed.
He was refused admission to the coveted JJ College of Arts. But, this is not a guy who gets moved by a small defeat.
I particularly liked the details of his extravagant Europe journey, where he met some of the biggest authors, cartoonists.

Give it a quick read. I finished it in 4 or so hours.

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